Wright Information Indexing Services

The art of indexing is the art of creating paths to your content. Usability and findability is as important as accuracy, and Wright Information studies the interface and the outputs you want (print, web, ebook, pdf) as much as the subject matter of your content to pinpoint the presentation of your index or finding aid.

Indexing involves everything from plain back-of-the-book print files, to inserting codes in desktop publishing files, to metadata controlled-language development and thesaurus construction. Indexes appear onscreen and need to activate when clicked. Index entries need to migrate with your content into any format you decide, and still work. Wright Information handles everything from traditional books to these more technical and coded indexing methods.

Please explore the links above to find out more about why you should use an indexer, why findability is important, and how you can prepare a project to be ready for an indexer.

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