Welcome to Wright Information Indexing Services! We provide indexes in whatever format you need. Whether you need a text file index, metadata or tags for your web site, controlled vocabulary development, taxonomy or thesaurus construction, or index-entry embedding within your files, we can do it. Our site will answer your questions about book indexing, controlled vocabularies, and processes that make your information easily found. Please visit the daily blog to keep up on indexing and related subjects that are intriguing.

Wright Information provides personalized attention to your project, with depth and understanding your readers will value. With over twenty years of intensive documentation and publication experience, we know how books and information are produced in print and online. You'll get an indexer who understands schedules, deadlines, and technology constraints, and can advise you if needed on thorny problems you may be facing. We can discuss an indexing process that fits your needs.

Wright Information can provide you with an index reflecting terminology expertise in many areas, such as: hardware or consumer software on both Windows and Macintosh platforms, typography, desktop publishing, Southwestern history, archaeology, anthropology, natural history, local history, Native American studies, geology, engineering, beadwork, natural history. We can handle anything from embedded indexing processes, online help systems, HTML projects, controlled languages, and taxonomies to books in traditional galleys or PDF files.

Wright Information is known for high quality indexing. Jan Wright was the winner of the 2009 ASI/H.W. Wilson Award for Excellence in Indexing. Read more here and here.

New developments:

The 2013 Hines Award was presented to Jan C. Wright. The nominators included her co-chairs and colleagues from the ASI Digital Trends Task Force (DTTF), the ASI Board liaison to the DTTF, ASI’s representatives to the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), fellow indexing course instructors, her own first indexing course instructor and a student of one of the courses she taught. Nominators highlighted her comprehensive commitment to ASI demonstrated through Jan’s numerous ASI Chapter and Conference presentations, outreach and presentations to sister indexing societies, involvement in the beginning days of the Pacific Northwest Chapter, leadership of the A to Z Chapter, teaching of USDA and UC Berkeley Extension courses, development of demonstrations and scripts for ASI presentations to publishers, editors, and technical writers, and articles on technical indexing. In 2009 Jan was also awarded the ASI/H.W. Wilson Award for excellence for her indexing of Real World Adobe InDesign CS3.

Jan’s exemplary leadership of the DTTF has produced a long list of accomplishments on behalf of the indexing profession. She made new industry contacts that began with a presentation at the 2012 O’Reilly Tools of Change conference. She forged a strong link between ASI and the IDPF which resulted in the formation of and respected work of the Indexes Working Group. Jan’s perseverance and leadership have been instrumental in bringing the American Society for Indexing front and center of the discussion about the future of indexes in epubs.

Slightly older developments: Jan Wright is co-chairing the ASI Digital Trends Task Force, focusing on active indexes and search integration in eBooks and eContent. Part of the mission is to outline specifications for indexes in eBooks, and to fulfill that goal, ASI joined the International Digital Publishing Forum and developed the charter for ePub 3.0 Proposed Working Group on Indexes. The Working Group has been officially formed, and specifications are in now in the review stage. We are also working on ways to get active and interesting index features in eBooks. Check out ASI’s page on Digital Trends at http://www.asindexing.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3647 and come join the LinkedIn discussion at http://www.linkedin.com/groups/ASI-Digital-Trends-Task-Force-4005509.

Check out the IDPF EPUB 3.0 Indexes Working Group Draft Specification at http://www.idpf.org/epub/idx/epub-idx-20130307.html

Wright Information has been developing expertise in video indexing, including designing a database to capture both videographic and content indexing for DVDs and web-based videos. Contact us for more information about indexing videos.

Wright Information is the distributor for our friend Jim McChristal's book, Pikes Peak: Legends of America's Mountain. Jan has been using the text of Pikes Peak as background examples for indexing in her lectures and presentations, and is thrilled to take over distributing the book. For more information, check out the Sierra Grande Press page. And keep an eye here for the announcement of an exciting new book from Sierra Grande coming soon, on the Railroads of Leadville.

Contact Wright Information at jancw@wrightinformation.com, or call 505-281-2600