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"The Future of Indexing?," 2005
"Software Field Trip List of Software Sources," 2005
"Jan Wright and Nancy Mulvany's Software Setups Compared," Software Field Trip handout, 2004
"Interview with Jan Wright" i-Torque, 2003
(Please NOTE: Both files need the password "bayside" to open!)
Part One, April, 2003, on single-sourcing, taxonomies, and controlled vocabularies
Part Two, May/June 2003, on metadata, taxonomy design, and the skill sets needed for such work

"Indexing Your Association's Publications," 2003
"Sources of Software," Software Field Trip handout, ASI presentation, 2003
"Indexing with PageMaker," Software for Indexing, Information Today, Inc., 2003
"Indexing in RoboHELP," Software for Indexing, Information Today, Inc., 2003
"Thesaurus Software and Keyword Constellation Construction," A to Z, January, 2002
"Single Source Indexing," SIGDOC presentation, 2001
"Sonar Bookends Automatic Index Generator: A Review," Keywords, Vol. 8, 2001, p. 153+
"Scanning Your Entries Automatically," Keywords, Vol. 8, 2001, p. 105-106
"Setting Fees," Running an Indexing Business, American Society of Indexers, 2001
"The World of Embedded Indexing," Beyond Book Indexing, American Society of Indexers, 2000
"A Snapshot of the Indexing SIG at the Millennium," A to Z, January, 2000
"Company Technical Indexing," A to Z, September, 1998
"Indexing after the Millennium 1 -- Getting the Tools Right," The Indexer, April, 1998
"An Overview of Indexing Methods", A to Z: The Newsletter of STC's Indexing SIG, January, 1998
"Tech Notes" column, Keywords, January 1998
"How to Index Online," The Indexer, April 1997
"Working with Help Keywords," WinHelp Journal, Winter 1996, Spring/Summer, 1996
"Working in a Group: Managing PageMaker Production at Aldus," Aldus Magazine, May/June, 1990

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Wright Information has launched a new web site, and is currently developing a series of web-based tutorials in advanced indexing topics. Taxonomy and thesauri, Word embedded indexing, Frame embedded indexing, online indexing and other subjects will be covered. The courses will be at-your-own-pace, and enroll-anytime, allowing you to fit them into your schedule. It's hoped that the first courses to be ready will be taxonomies and Word embedding. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to and indicate which course you are interested. You will be added to the mailing list for the launch announcement.

Jan C. Wright